Vivid Cookie & Giant Fun!

Dive into giant, gourmet cookies in 6 crazy flavours at Vivid Sydney!
Sweet tooths, rejoice! Vivid Sydney has just gotten even more delicious with Kurtosh Darling Square’s giant, gourmet cookie extravaganza!

They’re serving up 6 over-the-top flavours that are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and blow your mind.

Ditch the boring and dive into flavours like the Pretzel and Gretzel, a sweet and salty masterpiece, or go for royalty with the Princess Fiona, bursting with berries and cream.

Feeling nutty? Try the Nutty Nut, packed with all your favourite nuts. Love churros? Then you'll love The Churro, a delightful twist on the classic. Want something lighter? The Angel Kiss is for your, a heavenly combination of white chocolate and marshmallows.

And for the chocolate fiends, indulge in the Crush-a-licious, loaded with milk chocolate and cookies.

Don't miss out on this sugary sensation! Grab your giant cookie and soak up the dazzling lights of Vivid Sydney.
Vivid Cookie & Giant Fun!

Valid Dates
24 May - 15 Jun, 2024
16 Nicolle Walk
Darling Square
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