New Cocktails for Vivid Sydney

Lumiere on Thirty Five - Sydney's newest cocktail bar, introduces new cocktails for Vivid Sydney.

New Cocktails from Lumiere on Thirty Five

Sunrise Maiden - "Sunrise" represents new beginnings and hope, while "maiden" evokes beauty with purity and grace. Using the Fuji Whisky a distillery located near the Mount Fuji, uses the mountain as a water source. An outstanding whisky that gives this smoothness and complexity with a range of fruity and spices aromas. 

Fleeting Life  - Reflecting the transient nature of existence and the appreciation for the moment. The use of multiple botanicals in this drink gives this harmonious blend of smoothness, botanical and floral aromas

Original Sin  -  The cocktail represents the tree of knowledge in the Eden’s garden, when humanity started. 

New Cocktails for Vivid Sydney

Valid Dates

24 May - 24 Jun
Wed - Sat, 8.30pm – 12:30am

Level 34, 12 Darling Drive,
Darling Harbour
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