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Free Candy Bowl with every Family Pass

Creep out this Halloween with a spooky 9D movie and munch on a free bowl filled with candy!

Experience spooky family friendly simulator rides this Halloween at 9D Action Cinemas! Get ready for effects that make the movies come to life, including wind, smoke, fire, snow and water. 

For the thrillseekers, enter the House of Hell, come face to face with zombies, get chased by mummies through a tomb and even take a haunted ride through a dragon cave.

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End your visit to DARLING HARBOUR WITH a FUN THRILLER, SNOWSCAPE OR ROLLER COASTER MOVIE RIDE. Come and experience the 9D EFFECTS! Its simply the best! Better than any other experience you've had. Explode your senses and become part of the movie while you ride on snowscapes, under tunnels, avoid flying objects, escape giant zombies and fly through the sky or universe. The excitement is so great that you want more at the end. Each movie is a different experience. Enjoy underwater fun, forest adventures, zoom into the stars or walk with dinasaurs. There's a movie ride for all ages. You can experience kidsmatic, cinematic, thrilleristic, adventuristic or rollercoasteristic fun.

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*Candy bowl available while stocks last.

Free Candy Bowl with every Family Pass

Valid Dates

11am - 6pm Thu
11am - 7pm Fri
11am - 9pm Sat
10am - 7pm Sun

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