17 Aug 2020

What’s flowering at the Chinese Garden of Friendship right now?

There's always something to admire in the Chinese Garden all year round. From lush greenery to sneaky little water dragons, discover springtime in Sydney by paying a visit during this time of year.
What’s flowering at the Chinese Garden of Friendship right now?
Hong Kong Rose
When looking at these flowers you'll find this flower is not a rose at all. Instead of flowering in Summer, the Hong Kong Rose typically starts to bloom from mid-winter through to mid-Spring. First found in Hong Kong in 1848, they are native to South-East Asia and the South of China.
Lily Magnolia
The Magnolia is always the first to bloom in the Chinese Garden of Frienship. You'll find the buds of these Lily Magnolia standing tiptoed on the bare branches - find these flowers likened to little purple dancers scattered throughout the Garden.
Eastern Water Dragons
The keepers of the Garden, rare and elusive in Winter. These shy Eastern Water Dragons can be spotted when you walk around the Garden nowadays, posing perfectly for your photograph. If you get a little too close you may be surprised with a splash as they take a swim in the water.
Get some colour into your morning walk with these bright beauties! Azaleas usher in the Spring. Now is only the start of their bloom, but if you wait another month you'll find blazing pink colour brushes over the Garden's canvas.
Camellia Japonica
The Camellia was first planted domestically in China during the Third Century. It wasn’t until the 1800s that the species of Camellia Japonica was introduced from Japan which is why it now has a Japanese name. The Chinese Garden's Camellia have been flowering since Autumn, mid-August is the last chance to see them in the Garden before you have to wait another year for their blooms.
Nandina, also called the Heavenly Bamboo is know for their spectacularly bright red bunches of red berries in Winter. Come marvel at this auspicious colour that can be spotted all across the Garden when you take your time to leisurely walk around.