16 Jul 2023

IMAX Darling Harbour is opening soon with one of the world’s biggest screens

Back in 2016 Sydney lost its most iconic movie theatre. In 2023 the new, rebuilt IMAX Darling Harbour will reopen with one of the world’s biggest screens.
IMAX Darling Harbour is opening soon with one of the world’s biggest screens

The original Darling Harbour IMAX was the world’s biggest screen but in 2016 the site was demolished to make way for a new theatre. In 2023 the new and improved IMAX is scheduled to open and it’s the most impressive (and gigantic) theatre Australia’s ever seen. 

Sydney’s biggest screen

Darling Harbour’s old screen was large, but the new one is enormous. 693 square metres to be exact. To give you an idea of how big that is, the average size of a block of land here in Australia is 474 square metres.

The cinema is more than just a big screen as well. It’s part of IMAX’s most advanced theatre ever, with a 4k laser projector, brighter images, increased resolution and the widest range of colours of any IMAX cinema ever. 

A luxury cinema experience

Unlike the old cinema the new and improved IMAX Darling Harbour will feature multiple luxurious seating options. There’s 430 seats total, including full recliners, couples lounges and private pods. 

Additional to that there’s a new and improved food and drink offering, with a wide range of choices via a marketplace - plus an innovative venue for conferences and events. The cinema will be run by industry veterans EVT, who are behind Event Cinemas, QT Hotels and a selection of other bars and restaurants. 

Giovanni Dolci, IMAX's Chief Sales Officer, explained that they have lofty ambitions for this groundbreaking new theatre:

"We're confident that this iconic venue will become a cultural landmark and will instantly join the ranks of our most celebrated and successful flagship cinemas around the world, from New York, Cannes and Tokyo to Los Angeles, Seoul and London.”