01 Sep 2023

Fringe Kids Family Fun

Dive into laughs, magic and more these spring school holidays.
Fringe Kids Family Fun

As the Spring School Holidays approach, so do the giggles and gasps of children marvelling at the wonders of Fringe Kids. It’s the ultimate hub for young adventurers, dreamers, and gigglers. Let’s dive into the magic, shall we?

Circus - The Show

This isn’t your ordinary circus. As aerial dancers paint stories in the sky and jesters effortlessly play with rhythm, Circus - The Show promises an experience where boundaries blur between artist and audience.

Piccolo Ponies

Beyond the ethereal charm of Fairy Erin and the mystique of Piccolo, the unicorn lies an underlying tale of dreams and aspirations. This musical soiree is an invitation to a world where imagination reigns supreme.


Science sheds its conventional cloak as Magnus Danger Magnus bridges the gap between the logical and the ludic. With every experiment and revelation, Kaboom! aims to ignite children’s curiosity and make science fascinating.

101 Ways To Annoy Your Parents And Other Really Old People

With impeccable comic timing, award-winning children’s comedian Matty Grey delivers more than just chuckles with his humorous take on generational dynamics.

Free Cabox Kids Workshop

Cardboard, often relegated to the mundane, becomes the canvas of creativity here. Guided by the inventive minds from BOXWARS, children embark on a journey of sustainable art, crafting pieces that echo their personalities while paying homage to our planet.

A Pocket Sized Circus

This hilarious act challenges the conventional with its interactive narrative, ensuring that no two shows are ever truly the same.

A Wonderfully Wacky Wizard

Amidst a cacophony of spells, songs, and dance moves, Winni Wizard embarks on a quest of self-discovery. With every twist and turn, she explores the nuances of magic, encouraging children to embrace the wonder within their daily lives.


Mind-boggling magic and superhuman stunts! This Queensland duo blends the mystique of magic with the thrill of stunts. The result is totally awe-inspiring.

Wilbur the Optical Whale

Wilbur’s tale is more than an underwater adventure. It’s a testament to the strength of friendship and the beauty of acceptance. This sensory-rich production doesn't just narrate; it engrosses, making the audience an integral part of Wilbur and Cecil's journey.

Sydney's Fringe Kids events at Darling Harbour promise not just performances but memories. Plus, there’re great family-friendly meal deals to enjoy all around Darling Harbour, from a Brazilian feast at Braza Churrascaria to 2 for $10 thickshakes at Betty’s Burgers

Dive into the full program and choose your own adventure, one show at a time.