Adanos Grill
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Adanos Grill

Level G, The Star
80 Pyrmont Street

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Opening Hours

11am - 10pm Sun - Thu
11am - 12am Fri - Sat

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Generous hospitality and authentic Turkish delicacies.

Craving a cuisine that warms the soul and tantalizes the taste buds? Look no further than Turkish fare, arguably the world's champion of comfort food.

Indulge in savory gozlemes, parcels of dough overflowing with melted cheese and fresh spinach, and sizzling shish kebabs, marinated meats cooked to perfection over an open flame.

Adanos Grill, nestled in the heart of The Star, Sydney, brings these Turkish delights and more to your plate. Their warm and inviting restaurant is the perfect setting to indulge in a culinary adventure.

Savour the rich spices, the tender meats, and the delightful pastries that define Turkish cuisine. Adanos Grill offers an authentic experience that goes beyond just food.

It's a place to gather with friends and family, to unwind after a long week, and to create memories that will last a lifetime.

So, if you're looking for a taste of comfort and a touch of the exotic, head to Adanos Grill at Darling Harbour. Embark on a delicious journey through the heart of Turkish cuisine, and discover why it might just be the most comforting food on earth.