Frequently asked questions about the Darling Harbour Ice Skating Rink

Are bookings necessary?
To secure a limited spot, tickets are available for purchase online. However there are tickets available at the box office on site.

Does it cost anything to watch?
During COVID-19 restrictions, entry will be restricted to paying customers only. However spectators can watch from around the outside of the rink for free.

Is EFTPOS available?

Are Companion Cards accepted? 

Are Dine & Discover vouchers accepted? 
Yes but only when you purchase at the ice rink (not online).

Is it Covid Safe? 
The health and safety of our employee’s volunteers, contractors and guests is our top priority which includes maintaining high standards for cleaning and sanitation. In addition to our regular procedures, Stars On Ice has taken additional steps to maintain a safe and clean environment for everyone. It will adhere to ongoing restrictions and social distancing protocols as mandated by the New South Wales government.

What clothing is suitable to wear?
Preferably long pants or tights, anything casual and easy to move around in. Don't forget LONG socks and a spare pair of pants in case you have a tumble.

When can I skate?
See all our session times.

What are the prices?

$22 Adults (15 years and older) Weekends
$18 Adults (15 years  and above) Weekdays 
$18 Child (14 years and under)
$12 Toddlers (4 years and under)
$8 Penguin hire
$70 Family Ticket (2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children)

Are prices any cheaper with BYO skates?
No, however feel free to bring your own skates if you wish.

Will there be skate aids?
Yes! We have penguins ($8) available for hire per session.

Is skate hire included with prices?
Yes, skate hire is free and included with all skating prices.

Is there an age restriction for ice skating?
There is no age restriction, however we recommend ages 5 and under have a parent or guardian with them.

For small children who have a shoe size between 8 and 12, we have double bladed skates that strap over enclosed shoes (joggers). We also have these sizes in single bladed skates for when their confidence has grown.

What is the range in skate sizes?
We range in skates all the way up to a men's size 13.

Are food and drinks available for purchase?
Food and drink are available throughout the Darling Harbour Precinct and there are two chalets at the rink with food and beverage offerings.

Are there lockers available to store my things while I skate?
Yes, lockers will be available from 4pm, 18 June until 9pm Sunday 11 July.

There is water on the ice, is it still ok to skate on?
Sydney is having unseasonably warm days at the moment and this can cause water to appear on the surface of the ice. This is just surface water though and under it is a skate-able sheet of ice. Sessions at 10am or after 6pm tend to have a frostier surface.

Who do I contact if I have questions about tickets?
For all ticketing enquiries, please email ticketing@starsonice.com.au or call 0450 994 217.