Garden Wildlife Up-Close Photographic Exhibition

Enjoy this stunning photographic exhibition by Jenny Stock from 26 September until 8 November.

About the photographer

Fascinated by television and production from a young age, Jenny Stock pursued a career as a camerawoman. After completing a BBC affiliated degree at Leeds Uni, she started work at BBC Television Centre in London. Here she developed her skills to become an independent self-operator, allowing her to shoot documentaries and to have a camera in her hand every day at work. Her career in film is awesome, but her passion for photography gives her a unique, purer pleasure. A story conveyed by one image alone is a sharp contrast to her work which relies on a production's collaborative efforts and time for an audience to watch an unfolding narrative. Photography is her solo artistic pursuit, where Jenny gets to fully execute her own vision. Her work has featured in National Geographic, Wildlife Photographer of the Year (People's Choice), BBC, on billboards and won awards in Australian Geographic, DEEP Indonesia, Ocean Art and Nature’s Best.

“Discovering The Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney is like finding a hidden gem. This incredibly beautiful and peaceful location thrives in the heart of the city, nestling in the bustling high-rises of the metropolis. Entering the site you can't help but marvel at the traditional timberwork and ornate elegance of the grounds, with its lanterns and dragon motifs peppered throughout. However it is the flora and fauna that really captured my attention. Whilst the sound of a flowing waterfall cleanses your thoughts, flowers burst with colour and characterful wildlife makes a dramatic appearance: Eastern Water Dragon basks on warm rocks in sunlight, vivid orange and white koi swim through the ripples of the pond, bright blue dragonflies gently dance in the breeze and turtles make a delightful 'plop' into the water as you approach them. These creatures inspired me to pick up my camera to try capture an essence of their life in this delightful garden.” Jenny Stock

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Garden Wildlife Up-Close Photographic Exhibition

10am - 5pm daily

Pier Street
Cnr Harbour Street
Darling Harbour
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