ELVIS – The Biggest Elvis Show on Earth

ELVIS was known as the KING. The King of Rock n’ Roll. There was no one Artist in the world bigger than ELVIS which is why his name was and always will be written in caps. At the height of his fame there was no one bigger in the world of entertainment. So much so that when he died prematurely at just 42 in 1977 the news placards read ‘THE KING IS DEAD,’ even in England.

 If any of his fans feared his star would fade, they were gladly mistaken. Not only does he sell more records today than when he was alive but his fan clubs around the world have grown along with the legend. There are estimated to be 30,000 Elvis impersonators on the planet but there are very few good ones and only a handful of great ones. ‘ELVIS’ features two of the great ones and for the first time anywhere in the world. For the ‘biggest ELVIS show on earth,’ it is only fitting that we have a father and son playing young ELVIS and Vegas ELVIS in the latter half of his career. Anthony Fenech is young ELVIS and Paul Fenech is older ELVIS.

The largest group of performers that ELVIS ever shared a stage with was 47 musicians and singers. This show will feature over 100 musicians and singers on stage, more than double the KING ever worked with. You can be in the audience for this historical, record-breaking event that is never likely to be repeated.

This event will be talked about for years to come, and people will ask “were you in the audience for ‘ELVIS – The Biggest Elvis Show on Earth.’ Well, you can be. 

ELVIS – The Biggest Elvis Show on Earth

 Saturday 12 August 2023, 8pm 


14 Darling Drive
Darling Harbour

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Tickets available from 24 Jan 2023

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Map, showing ELVIS – The Biggest Elvis Show on Earth