Cloud Wall in the Chamber of Clear Rhythm

"Over the Moon" Art Installation

Created especially for the Moon Festival, Chinese-Australian multimedia artist Tianli Zu combines cultural heritage with Australian experiences, weaving history and contemporary to create a magnificent installation.
"Over the Moon" Art Installation

The Moon Festival is a traditional Chinese custom of appreciating the Moon which is embedded with metaphorical meanings such as blessings, virtue, harmony and reunion. ’Over the Moon’ means extremely happy in English expression. The same phrase describes the Jade Rabbit flying to the Moon to accompany Goddess Chang’e according to Chinese folklore.

Zu depicts a pink Jade Rabbit in a merrily flying motion around the Moongate. ‘Over the Moon’ signifies the essence of life, the harmonious relationship with nature, sharing with others, energy, optimism and awareness. She first hand cut the auspicious cloud and the Australian national floral emblem wattle, then digitalised and duplicated them into 500 round pieces in canary yellow, flowing along with the natural curves of the Cloud Wall in the Chamber of Clear Rhythm at the Chinese Garden of Friendship.

This magnificent artwork offers audiences an experience to obtain an understanding of time and changes by observing the co-existence between solid and absence, east and west, history and present. This metaphorical installation welcomes visitors from all diverse backgrounds to walk through the Moongate to celebrate the Moon Festival and reclaim life.

“I aim to achieve a seamless and pleasing composition to engage audiences. ‘Over the Moon’ is visual poetry and music inviting viewers to feel the freedom, wondering clouds in the gentle wind breeze that resonates with the natural breath within ourselves. The circles represent Chinese aesthetics and stand for fulfilment and oneness. The Moongate is a perfect architecture manifesting such significance. Australian native flower wattles have a round shape. Each auspicious cloud – Yin and Yang, the cut-out and solid – forms a circle. Although there are opposing forces, together create a whole.” – Tianli Zu