$11 Weekend Parking in Darling Harbour

Whether you're finally catching up with mates or having a long overdue date night, Wilson Parking helps you do more of what you love with $11 flat rate parking on weekends.

Do more with your day when you book your $11 weekend parking with Wilson Parking on their app or via their website at Darling Square.

How can I book $11 weekday evening parking in Darling Harbour?

  1. Go to Wilson Parking website
  2. Select: NSW and ‘Darling Square Car Park’
  3. Enter Date (must be weekend only) and entry & exit times
  4. $11 parking will automatically generate when booking parking that meets the evening parking requirements.
  5. Have a fabulous time in Darling Harbour! 

For more information on parking in Darling Harbour, click here.

$11 Weekend Parking in Darling Harbour

Valid Dates

Available evenings and weekends