Season 2
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Season 2

The Exchange
Darling Square

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8am - 8pm

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Dive into Deliciousness at Darling Square: Fresh-Squeezed Juices & Artisan Smoothies by Toastiesmith

Forget your average juice bar! Season 2 has landed at Darling Square, and they're serving up a symphony of flavour with their freshly squeezed cold-pressed juices and artisan smoothies.

Season 2 uses a cold-press method to extract the maximum nutrients and vibrant flavours from fruits and vegetables. This means you get a healthy and delicious boost in every sip, without any heat-induced degradation of vitamins and enzymes.

Their artisan smoothies are a far cry from the sugary concoctions you'll find elsewhere. Season 2 blends premium ingredients like fresh fruits, creamy yogurts, and superfoods into nutritious and satisfying masterpieces. From energizing greens blends to decadent fruit fusions, there's a flavour adventure waiting for every taste bud.

Located in the heart of Darling Square's vibrant buzz, Season 2 offers the perfect pit stop to refuel and refresh. Whether you're seeking a healthy on-the-go option or a delightful break amidst your Darling Harbour adventures, Season 2 is your destination for a taste sensation that nourishes your body and soul.