Eat & Drink

ROBO Restaurant

Shop 14, 80 Hay Street
Opening Hours

11am - 9pm Mon - Thu
12 noon - 11pm Fri
12 noon - 10pm Sat
12 noon - 9pm Sun

Map, showing ROBO Restaurant

Flavours of Asia that you know and love, served without skipping a beat.

ROBO is not your typical Asian restaurant. We have chopsticks, tables and chairs, but that’s where the similarities end. Our food is served in a futuristic setting with a taste that transports you to Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

By day, our combo meals cater to your busy lifestyle. Our food is cooked efficiently and deliciously, so your schedule never skips a beat. By night, feast on a mouthwatering selection of what the Cantonese call: “Dai Pai Dong” dishes. Fried Tofu, Chilli Chicken, Lo Mein... we’ve scoured Asia for your favourite street food.  

ROBO is where you can enjoy the best of traditional Asian cuisine in a futuristic audio-visual setting. We welcome you to see what we’re talking about.