Eat & Drink


Shop 7/13 Little Hay St
Opening Hours

11am - 5pm Mon - Tue
11am - 5pm Wed - Sun

*Details may vary due to COVID-19 restrictions. View venue's website or call ahead before you visit.

Map, showing Kusuka

Kusuka brings the traditional heart and essence of an Indonesian meal and fuses it with modern dining elements for a fun and playful brunch and dinner experience.

Feel at home through Kusuka's food and drinks or through the friendly smiles of the team. Kusuka hope to remind their patrons of the moments they’ve shared around a table in togetherness, or of the warm feelings they have from the first bite or sip from that homemade meal and drink. There's loads of interesting, quirky and extremely flavoursome artisan drinks and comfort food to be tried from this Sydney cafe.

The word “Kusuka” itself means “I Like” or “I Love” in Bahasa. Kusuka are passionate about representing Indonesian inspired flavours in a modern and relatable way that makes Kusuka's customers say, “I love it”!

From the Kusuka Pink Latte with flavour notes of berries and watermelon to their Nasi Goreng, uniquely reminding people of the way they had it back home in Indonesia, the menu and dining experience at Kusuka feels just like eating by the kitchen in someone’s home in the heart of Sydney's CBD.