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Killiney Kopitiam

1-25 Harbour Street
Darling Quarter

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Opening Hours

11am - 8.30pm

Map, showing Killiney Kopitiam

Like Singaporean food? You’re going to love Killiney Kopitiam, an authentic coffee shop serving all the best Singaporean dishes.

Singapore has the most diverse cuisine in Asia, with influences from India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and the western world. 

The best place to experience this delicious fusion of cultures is at a Kopitiam, casual eateries and coffee houses found on most streets in Singapore. Or you could save on flights and taste the best of Singaporean street food right here in Sydney’s Darling Quarter, at Killiney Kopitiam. 

Introducing Sydney’s best Singaporean restaurant

Killiney Kopitiam is a hugely popular worldwide chain of traditional Singaporean kopitiam serving curries, noodles, toast, rice dishes, roti prata and a variety of cold and hot drinks, from milo to sweet coffee. The Darling Quarter branch is a casual restaurant, that resembles an upmarket kopitiam, white and blacks on the walls, blonde wood furnishings and premium finishes. 

Menu highlights include Nasi lemak, an authentic Malay-Singaporean dish that features crispy anchovies, egg, coconut rice, cucumber, spicy sambal sauce and your choice of protein (go for the beef rendang). Hainanese Chicken Rice, the national dish of Singapore, is another must try, featuring delicately poached chicken and rice cooked in chicken stock, topped with chilli sauce and cucumber. 

Taste real Singaporean teas and coffees

One of the highlights of Killiney Kopitiam’s menu is their full selection of Singaporean coffees, teas and cold drinks. Teh tarik is a must try - this traditional tea beverage is sweet and strong with a frothy top that’s often served with roti chennai. 

Other delicious drops include sweet and salty lime, plum juice, good ol’ milo and ice lemon tea. 

Finding Killiney Kopitiam 

Craving some Singaporean flavour? You’ll find Killiney Kopitiam right near Tumbalong park in Darling Quarter, just minutes walk away from the harbour front and the CBD. It’s easy accessible via public transport and there’s plenty of parking nearby.