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Shop T8, 1-25 Harbour Street
Darling Quarter
Opening Hours

11am - 11pm 

Map, showing Goobne

Goobne is one of Sydney’s best chicken restaurants, famous for their impossibly crispy oven-roasted chook and delicious cocktails.

Like fried chicken, only crispier. Goobne serve crispy oven-roasted chicken with less oil and more flavour. 

Goobne is one of Sydney’s best chicken restaurants, famous for its impossibly crispy wings and drumsticks. And unlike most chicken joints, there’s no oil or deep fryer here - Goobne (meaning baked in Korean) roasts its chook in blazing hot ovens to get it crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. How good does that sound?
Introducing Goobne - Sydney’s best chicken restaurant 

Goobne has over 1,000 restaurants across Asia, in Japan, China, Malaysia and of course its home country - South Korea. And this Darling Harbour restaurant is popular with good reason. 

The chicken is consistently incredible, available with a variety of mouth-watering sauces. Our favourite has flavours similar to Korean chilli paste Gochujang but there are also sweet and salty, garlicky and cheesy options. 

Menu highlights at Goobne

Other highlights include a short but sweet range of chicken burgers, including a crispy number covered in cheese and encased in a slightly sweet brioche bun. Heavenly. If you’re looking for something healthier there are chicken bowls featuring oven-roasted chicken and sauce over rice, paired with fresh, crunchy veg. 

Last but not least, there’s a range of corndogs - a popular Korean street food snack coated with crispy toppings and filled with oozy sauces (the cheesy one will blow your mind). All this served with tasty cocktails, ice-cold drinks and a generous serving of your favourite K-pop bangers. 

Find Goobne - Darling Harbour chicken restaurant

You’ll find Goobne on the city side of Darling Quarter, easily accessible by foot from the CBD. It’s also minutes from the waterfront in Darling Harbour and close to parking and public transport hubs. Visit soon to taste the crispiest chicken in Sydney!